Windsurf Race Board AHD GT 85 from 2002
Race Board
Year 2002
Volume 144 L
Range 8,0 - 10,5
Width 84 cm
Length 262 cm
Weight 8,1 kg
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Materials Monocoque Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in August 2008. After The Mission decided to buy a super light weather set. myHtsis very good when the wind blows, but floats very badly and is not super early with planning. And then a longer and wider board is better.

I already hadonce sailed on hans's GT85, I was not specifically looking for this board, but came across it for a very low price, did have damage to the nose, but yes, I fix it myself.

Tail width: 62.4cm

Light weather
This board is really meant to be a light weather board. I don't think I'll use it much with normal surfing, but for competitions where the wind is disappointing I definitely want to use it. Due to the width and relatively long bottom, you can plan with it easily and early.
The board sails very easily, but gyben is a bit more difficult with that width. You have to take a big turn to be able to plan it, but if you take it spacious enough it is not so difficult to plan it through.

After many years of sailing on the GT85, I received an offer in August 2013 that I could not turn down. Maybe I'm going to regret it. I look back on this board with great pleasure. Great, timeless shape!

Big sails. firstDragster 8.5andSeverne C2 9.5but nowadays mainly myWarp 8.6andR-Type 9.5,8.0just working,7.8Seems just too small.

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Vinrange: 58 - 65 cm. I've already tested quite a few fins under the GT85. When I buy this board, I get 2 fins, theSelect Team Zero 62cmand a Lessacher Formula Duo Weed. The Lessacher was too big for the GT85 which I sold immediately because I'm not going to use it anyway, have a more useful36cmpurchased instead. theselectis not the best fin for this board. theDrake R13 60cmI had bought soon and it works great, now also have oneDrake R13 56cmversion of bee purchased. Have ever had aSelect Ride 52cmtried, but it was too small/didn't have enough lift. Lots of spinouts, no success. theWhite WaterIt's really an experiment. theR12is currently my light weather fin, although he was not very disappointing again.

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