Windsurf Slalom Board Starboard iSonic 117 from 2011
Slalom Board
Year 2011
Volume 117 L
Range 6,0 - 9,5
Width 75 cm
Length 232 cm
Weight 7,2 kg
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Materials Wood Glass Sandwich
Since 2006 the slalom board made by Starboard. It is known for its ease of use and control. Therefore one of the easiest slalom boards to sail and also the fastest on choppy water/waves.

(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the Internet at Surfcenter in Groningen in September 2014. Nice price, good condition. Had been looking at a newer 75cm wide for a while to replace the122. The even newer ones are just too expensive.

The 117 has a slightly wider tail than the122: 53mm vs 52.9mm. The tail itself is narrower, rounder than the122and also the foot straps are a little more inwards. On the water, the tail feels narrower, but also less straight and seems to need a little more fin. Where I join the122previously took the Sonntag 40cm, now seems to fit the 42cm better.

I'm mostly going toWarp 7.8on this board. Outside competitions also works8.6on it. But for games, I lose too much in planning.

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Fin range: 36-46cm. I will mainly use fins around 40 to 44cm under this board. Custom soft tip carbon fins: Boss, Sonntag and Z-Finnish. I have also sailed Select S10 and Tectonics Talon under it, both work very well, but the custom fins are clearly faster.

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