Windsurf Freemove Board JP Freestyle Wave 84 II from 2004
Freemove Board
Year 2004
Volume 84 L
Range 4,0 - 6,2
Width 57,5 cm
Length 245 cm
Weight 6,4 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Full Wood Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought this shelf in December 2005 as a replacement for my oldMistral Naish 8'5".
According to the tests in the different sheets, it should be a great board. Well, it certainly is, a real winner.

What a great board. Very quiet on the water, lots of control and yet lively.
He plans very early, but is overpowered with a4.7still very easy to sail. Except it doesn't run as short as myNaish 8'5". You could spin it with your little toe, but you get so much in return that I can live with that.

I have a newerJP Freestyle Wave 84 Propurchased in 2008. So this one sold, Peter took over.

What stands out is the huge range. With my5.9I can sail on it well, and overpowered with my4.7I expect that even with my4.2should be able to sail on it easily.
I sail this board with mainly On-Shore to extreme-On-Shore fins such as the RON and Mistral Freestyle. These fins make the board a lot more direct. If the weather is really hectic, then the Select Wave Warriors are ideal to calm the board down again.

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