Windsurf Wave Board Mistral Naish Hawaii 8'5" from 2000
Wave Board
Year 2000
Volume 86 L
Range 4,0 - 5,5
Width 55,5 cm
Length 256 cm
Weight 6,1 kg
Finbox US-Box
Materials Wood, Carbon, Kevlar Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought this shelf in September 2002 from a german in Zeeland, as a replacement for my oldStarlit.

What a super board. Light, agile. Really very different from my oldStarlit. The volume is much more in the back, so you can plan much longer if the wind subsides for a while.
And so relieve light and vivid on the water. Listen very carefully to foot control. Wave up, lift feet at the top of the wave and you fly right away. You really don't even have to drop it off. And in the air, it's very easy to control him. You really have to be able to make table tops with this.

Even though it's so light, I still have control over it, as long as you don't overpower it with a4.2or smaller. With the4.7Overpowered it's still very easy. If you use a3.7or something you feel like you are sailing with a large board. After a test on levon's 75-litre JP Wave during a storm, I was sure. This board is just too big to sail overpowered with super small sails.
Now I have exactly the sameJP Wave 255ideal for a lot of wind.

Foot straps
The footbands that were on the Naish when I bought it weren't very good. So I started asking around about what's good and that became Da Kine Core Contour. They're nice!! Really super footbands: soft yet with shoes on sturdy enough to hold the board well during jumping.

With the arrival of myJP Freestyle Wave 84 IIhas been replaced.
I was ready for something newer and broader.

I only sail this board with a strong wind, because otherwise I will really go swimming. But with if it's overpowered sailing, I'll definitely take myJp. the5.3and4.7I use the most on this board but in some circumstances I also sail one4.2on.
I couldn't get a fin on the board, but I still had full US box fins from myStarlit. At myStarlitwas the problem that most fins were never really completely stuck, with this naish the problem is that most of them don't go in or get too stuck so you have to knock them out with a rubber hammer. I bought an original one and ripped my 2 best fins so they fit. I also have aSmaller finbought for the smallest sails, I first have a lot on myJP 255used.

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