Windsurf Freemove Board JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro from 2008
Freemove Board
Year 2008
Volume 84 L
Range 4,0 - 6,5
Width 58,5 cm
Length 239 cm
Weight 5,7 kg
Finbox Powerbox / Mini Tuttle
Materials Technora Kevlar/Biax Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in Novermber 2011 2ndhands via internet. My old84I had for so long, had been looking for a while to renew the old one by a newer one. Could buy this 84 Pro with slight damage, I'll fix it myself.

This board is the Pro version: Carbon/Kevlar, so strong and very light. easily half a kilo lighter than my oldFSW 84II.

After a long unsuccessful search for a JP FSW Pro with Thrusters, in October 2016 I passed this boardboardrepair.nlequipped with mini-tuttle boxes for Thrusters. The extra possibility with thrusters is fun, extra possibilities. A little experimentation. First, what's striking is how short the board can run. Really great, even on the brouwersdam you can play well with waves.
Longer center fin with small thursters looks much more like a normal freewave, with trifin setup, very long thrusters, and almost the same size center fin it is almost a quad bike.

ShapeBottom Shape:Moderate V in tail and nose, channel in the middle with a little double concave
Tail Rocker:9 mm
Nose Rocker24 cm
2cm point:152 cm
One foot off:37.1 cm
Perfect Balance
Nice board, feels a bit different from my old Freestyle Wave 84II, a little looser, turns easier, deck is also rounder and that looks nicer.
The old one walked a bit more/easier straight ahead. The new one is really more agile and therefore a bit more nervous. And I actually like that. With my old one, I always grabbed very radical fins to give the board a little more life. You really don't have to do that with this one.

After buying the Goya One 95 and Fanatic Tri-Wave 89, I rarely sailed this board again. The JP FSWs have always been fast, very nice for freemove, but much less suitable for real waveriding than a real waveboard. Too little volume for me and not enough rocker.
Over 10 years old, so proved difficult to sell. 

I sailed this board mainly with 4.7 and 5.3 sails. 5.9 still went, but not as well as on the older FSW 84II. Which then went better with the trusters and a small centre fin: 4.2.

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For this board I have 2 types of fins, on-shore, stiff fins with a lot of surface area: MFC RON and Mistral Freestyle. And control fins: Select Wave Warrior and TFC. For a day of speed at the FSW I also have the Eagle 27cm, fast freerace fin.

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