Windsurf Wave Board JP Wave Slate 96 Pro from 2020
Wave Board
Year 2020
Volume 96 L
Range 4,4 - 6,4
Width 59 cm
Length 219 cm
Weight 6,5 kg
Finbox Slotbox / Mini Tuttle
Materials S-Glass
Bought 2nd hand via the internet in August 2022. I was looking for a stubby style waveboard to try if it suits me better. The Wave Slate has Mini-Tuttle, which is nice, and 5 boxes and can therefore be sailed as a quad as well as a thruster.

Matt black
Who has thought that a matte black deck is a good idea for a windsurfing board. That's going to get hot.

Double footstrap screws
The board has double footstrap screws. Very good, less force needed to secure footstraps properly, never twist. Stronger! But unfortunately the distance is slightly larger than previously standard, so unfortunately I cannot fit my favorites: DaKine Core Contour. Maybe I will try again with the front footstraps, but only with 1 screw. For the backfootstrap, that's not really an option. Then the footstrap is not in the middle of the board.

The Wave Slate is very good in Dutch conditions such as Brouwerdam. Lots of control and enough volume to plane through everything. If you don't do something quite perfect, the Slate gives you the support to save you. Gybing and wave riding are very easy. Certainly front-side wave riding is really lovely. My technique is certainly not perfect, but with the Wave Slate it often works. Only point where I'm not yet impressed with the board: during back-side wave riding: the top-turn. I just can't get the board to turn back down thight. Tail is also very wide, so that certainly doesn't make it any easier.

Ideal sail sizes: 5.0 - 6.0. I think I'm mainly going to sail the 5.3 and 4.7 on it. 6.0 seems a bit big to me, but I will try.

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3x Slotbox at the rear, the thrusters are Mini-tuttle. Sloxbox as a center fin is especially more difficult with the somewhat longer ones: +21cm center fins, I find US-box more reliable.
Just like my other boards with Slotbox, I also replaced the bolts with an allen key, which can be adjusted with a batten tool.
I sail the board both as a thruster and as a quad. As a thruster, the board sails a bit looser, especially if the center fin is a bit longer and the thursters are a bit smaller. The is Board is easier to get upwind. As a quad, the board sits deeper in the water, but is just a little nicer for wave riding.

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