Windsurf Wave Board JP Single Thruster 75 Pro from 2011
Wave Board
Year 2011
Volume 75 L
Range < 5,4
Width 55,5 cm
Length 229 cm
Weight 5,8 kg
Finbox US-Box / Mini Tuttle
Materials Carbon Kevlar Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in August 2016. Price wasn't too high, and I wanted to try a more modern high-wind board.

Bottom Shape: Moderate double concave
Tail Rocker: 16 mm
Nose Rocker 20.8 cm
2cm point: 144 cm
One foot off: 35.4 cm

Have sailed on it a number of times now, now start to find a good trim, first time was not so successful: in hindsight I think the Wave Warrior is too soft as a middle fin. Thruster give an extra tuning possibility, very nice. Different fins help to find proper control. Large thrusters with small center fin let board drape briefly and the board is lower in the water, but is very sensitive to too much pressure on rear foot, which in rough water is easy spinouts. Then a slightly longer center fin with small thrusters works better.
Don't think I've already found the perfect setup for a big storm, but in itself the Select X1 21 + 10cm Makani is very nice.

After a day of good testing in a storm, I decided toAHDhe really has even more control overpowered.
So this one sold.

Ideal sail size according to JP: 4.0 - 5.4, I hope to sail the 4.2 and 3.7 on it, possibly the 4.7 occasionally.
This is my first thruster board. I'm going to start with the original 20/10 set and bought a K4 16/12 set. The K4 works well on smoother water. The Select X1 21 with Makani 10cm work very well on rougher water.

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