Windsurf Wave Board JP Single Thruster 99 Pro from 2011
Wave Board
Year 2011
Volume 99 L
Range 4,7 - 6,5
Width 62 cm
Length 234 cm
Weight 6,6 kg
Finbox US-Box / Mini Tuttle
Materials Carbon Kevlar Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand via the internet in June 2019. Had already sailed well once with the ordinaryJP Single Thruster 99 from 2012, that first time liked it, but found board feeling a bit heavy. I'm always used to the Pro versions from JP. Could buy this Pro, so that done, the regular sales.
A previous owner coloured a wave on the board and drew a shark on the nose, likes it!

Control and planning
So far 1x sailed with the JP Single Thurster 99 Pro. With a 5.3 often max-powered. Board has a lot of control, certainly didn't feel too big, but certainly as agile as the FSW 84 in these conditions. With golf riding, more effort is needed to make board run really short. But if you take more space, it'll sail nicely. Even first time really front-side golfing succeeded. The larger volume makes it a lot easier.

I was able to buy a JP Ultimate Wave 94. Slightly smaller, narrower tail. So hopefully easier to get around. In addition, the Ultimate Wave also has the option to sail as a quad bike, more future prepared should I like that.

Ideal sail size according to JP: 5.0 - 6.2, so logical is 5.3 and 5.9. 4.7 might also be possible sometimes.
Included the original 23cm JP, have the 20cm JP of the Single Thruster 75 and a few more fins in between, which I will try in combination with the thruster fins I already have. In addition, there was also a Select X1 25cm with the board, which seems good as a single fin with a 5.3, without the thrusters.

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