Windsurf Slalom Board HTS Super Fast M from 2006
Slalom Board
Year 2006
Volume 120 L
Range 5,5 - 8,5
Width 70 cm
Length 230 cm
Weight 7,0 kg
Finbox Tuttlebox
Materials Carbon Sandwich
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In August 2005 New bought.Htshad just started producing boards.
After I tested the board I ordered 1 and picked it up from Heiko himself (owner) in Zeeland.
This Board is a shape by Marco Copello.
I bought this board as a replacement for myFanatic Bee 124Ltd. theBeeI sailed with great pleasure for 5 years, but was in need of replacement.

This board has a lot of control, because of the deep concaves it is like surfing on an air cushion. Because of the control you can go very hard without feeling like you have no control anymore. In terms of shape, the Super Fast sits between the Tabou Manta and the Tabou Rocket. It is therefore more of a Freerace baord than a Full-on Slalom.

With the Super Fast, Gyben is a real delight, because of the narrow tail you can gyben easily and with a lot of control. And short turns are also very easy.

Height Walking
This board is half and wide wind very good, but walking height is not super, I don't know exactly what makes this come, maybe it's the rails or the form of the tail. The One-Foot-Off is at about 44cm which is quite small for a 70cm board. It can also be because of the round deck shape, the foot straps at the back are therefore a bit more towards the middle and so you can not put a lot of force on the side. Ok I felt I needed real large fins to sail the board well, maybe the double concave and V in the tail is too deep so you lose a lot of grip.

Since I had trouble walking up before competitions, I started looking for another board, and have already started offering it for sale. Sold in July 2009, I didn't have another board yet, but summer is the best time to sell stuff.
In August 2009, I replaced his replacement, aiSonic 115purchased.

I only sail this board in relatively little wind, with the Daytonas it is a wonderful slalom set. Easy gyben and relatively fast.
Unfortunately, I have to believe in it now: Tuttlebox. It's got to be stronger. Well, the fins barely want to get in or out. And I had to buy new ones right away. Originally a Select Lightning Evo 43cm belongs to this board, which I then37,41and45cmbought, they didn't like it so, switched to my trusted brand: Hurricane.

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