Windsurf Race Fin Drops Alex Aguera 46cm from 2000
Race Fin
Year 2000
Length 46 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 482 gr
Surface 388 cm²
Profile 10.29 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2dehans to try a real Course race vin.

theSuperfastwas already a lot better with light winds compared to theLightnings. But in order to8.5with very little wind to sail well I was looking for a fin that gives a lot of lift in low wind, these drops really work super for that. The board plans early and can easily walk high, even in low winds.

For its large, this is a very light fin.

In 2009 I received an email asking if this fin was for sale, got a nice price the fin sold. (Hopefully I won't regret it)

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