Windsurf Slalom Fin C3 D2 36cm from 2006
Slalom Fin
Year 2006
Length 36 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 298 gr
Surface 264 cm²
Profile 9.11 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in November 2009 2nd hand together with myDrake 42cm. Could buy this fin for a nice price, Boogie is praised for his good fins, so I wanted to give it a try. The fin looks sleek and nicely finished.
This fin is nowadays made by F4, they have taken over the molds of C3. The D2 is actually a Formula vin,
but it can also be available in a short version as a slalom fin.

This is a really super control fin. Heavy chop/waves and then on max with my RAM 6.3 bang over it. Perfect for downwind slalom.
This fin is so flex that it dampens everything away and actually barely shoots in spinout. Sometimes you feel a tendency towards spinout, but the fin already seems to catch it itself. Really great fin.

After purchasing a set of C3 Venoms, it was less needed, the Venoms give almost the same control as the D2, but more reliable in little wind, no spinouts. Vin put up for sale and was sold quite quickly.

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