Windsurf Freerace Fin Select Eagle 27cm from 2005
Freerace Fin
Year 2005
Length 27 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Weight 270 gr
Surface 193 cm²
Profile 8.38 mm
Materials G10
(machine translated in 2021) To have more control in heavy chop at slalom competitions I bought this Eagle 27cm. To sail under mySputnik 230and preferably with myTrans-Am 6.0.

I have mySputniksold, but can also use this fin toJP FSW 84IIto be able to sail very fast.
I've got him on the60km/hdangers under myF2 Style 254withNorth Ice 4.7: 62.0 km/h

Didn't use it much, fin bag too full: sold.

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