Windsurf Freestyle Fin Mistral Freestyle 25cm from 2004
Freestyle Fin
Year 2004
Length 25 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Weight 390 gr
Surface 292 cm²
Profile 14.26 mm
Materials GFK
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I could use this fin for 25 Euro at mySkate 111buy. He was new. I thought at first, let me buy that fin for the 25 euros, which I chose anyway, might not be nothing, so. This is my favorite fin, best fin I've ever bought!

Direct and loose
Ideal balance between surface area and length. Works perfectly under theSkate, certainly on-shore at sea.
It makes theJP FSWa lot more direct. With a normal wave fin, theJpvery tame, this Mistral makes the board nice and direct.
Due to the many surfaces, you can easily5.9with little wind.

In March 2020 I was asked if this fin was for sale. yes, actually, I barely use it anymore. But it's my most used fin. Anyway sold, if you don't use it anymore you don't need it anymore, I'm more likely to take the Makani 26cm now.

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