Windsurf Race Fin Select R05 50cm from 2005/2009
Race Fin
Year 2005/2009
Length 50 cm
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Weight 532 gr
Profile 10.7 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand from Patrick Kleine in June 2016, he knew no more about it than that it had been a Select 70cm custom fin that had been boxed to 50cm. Price was good, so just done to see what it is exactly.
Would be a light weather fin for theiSonic 127can be.

Sailed twice: no spinouts and predictable. for the iSonic 127 in combination with Warp 9.0 LW too large.

iSonic 127 sold, no more large (85cm) slalom board, so this fin also sold

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