Windsurf Race Fin Deboichet R10 S 60cm from 2001
Race Fin
Year 2001
Length 60 cm
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Weight 598 gr
Surface 547 cm²
Profile 10.29 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) I was planning to buy an 80 to 90cm Slalom board or an old Formula in 2007. when I could buy this fin in Germany I did, then thought not to buy a bigger board anyway, and sold the fin toHans. Did you sail the fin once under theGT85fromHans.

In 2008 I had my ownGT85purchased. Knew this was a good fin, but couldn't find one anywhere. Then only oneDrake R13bought, also very good. In May 2009,Hansto buy back this fin because it is hisGT85went on to sell. I immediately seized that opportunity and now I have it back.Hansdid make the base a little longer with a block of wood.

After 1x test sailing I noticed that the difference between this R10 and myDrake R13 60cmis minimal and theR13Seems to like me, too.
This fin only has a normal Tuttlebox and no deep tuttle, so the forces on the vinbox are a lot greater. If this had been a Deep-Tuttle, I would have kept it.
Hermanwas looking for a 60cm fin for his GT85 Copy and I offered him this fin for sale, he bought it directly.

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