Windsurf Race Fin Deboichet R12 M 64cm from 2003/2009
Race Fin
Year 2003/2009
Length 64 cm
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Weight 608 gr
Surface 586 cm²
Profile 9.52 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In the spring of 2009 I started looking for a good light weather fin for myGT85. A good 62 to 65cm fin turned out not to be found 2nd hand. For 100 euros (or less in case of minor damage) you can buy 70cm Formula fins, but you have to shorten them yourself. Similarly, thisR12, the base was broken, ideal, it had to be taken off anyway. I found him on the internet, along with aR15.

Seen on70cmis too big for theGT85I shortened the fin. bee70cmlength has theR12668 cm2 on surface. I wanted to go to the 570 to 600 cm2. After measuring and calculating I came to 64cm. And it worked out well. With 586 cm2 I achieved my goal.

I have now sailed the fin once, during the Regio Cup south I sailed the Formula heats with it, certainly did not go badly, could run well height, and very spacious did not go badly, although there was quite a lot of wind at the time. Needs more tests.

I sold this fin along with my GT85.

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