Windsurf Wave Fin K4 Rocket 18,5cm from 2016
Wave Fin
Year 2016
Length 18,5 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Weight 190 gr
Surface 157 cm²
Profile 9.9 mm
Materials Molded plastic composite
Newly purchased from K4 itself in October 2016. Looking for a set of fins for my JP FSW that had been converted to Thurster, I chose the Rocket because it is apparently quite fast.

The Rockets live up to their name. They are a lot faster than other fins I have tried in thruster setup. I think as fast as a single fin, but with the real thruster feeling, board much more in the water and sail like a skateboard.

This was a perfect with the JP FSW, so sold together with the  JP FSW 84 Pro.


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