Windsurf Thruster Fin K4 Rocket 2x12cm from 2016
Thruster Fin
Year 2016
Length 12 cm
Finbox Mini Tuttle
Weight 70 gr/st
Surface 76 cm²
Profile 7.2 mm
Materials Molded plastic composite
In October 2016 bought new at K4 itself, together with a set of Ezzy Shark that were not available in the Netherlands.
I was looking for a set of Thrusters for my JP FSW that was converted to Thruster. These are faster and therefore hopefully fit better with the FreestyleWave.

Rockets live up to their name, they are fast, very fast. In terms of speed, I don't think Board is inferior to a single fin, but it does sail like a real thruster, a bit more in the water and turns a lot finer.

These were perfect for the JP FSW, so sold together with the JP FSW 84 Pro.

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