Windsurf Wave Fin MFC RON 20cm from 2006
Wave Fin
Year 2006
Length 20 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Weight 340 gr
Surface 256 cm²
Profile 11.46 mm
Materials GFK
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought new at the end of 2006 fromWindhouse.

RON = Revolution ON-shore

I mainly sail my4.7but5.3is also going very well.
This fin makes myFreestyleWavereally super radical. Board runs shorter and reacts faster. However, you have a chance of a spin-out if you go downwind at speed without putting pressure on the fin.
In addition, it is ideal for On-Shore surfing in the surf, the shorter the fin is, the closer you can sail on the beach.

Under my2004 FSWthis was a topper, really made the board a lot more radical, however, the2008 FSWas quite radical and then it becomes too extreme.

Martijn tried him with Thrusters under his 2013 FSW and then it works well again, so the fin went to him.

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