Windsurf Slalom Fin Select S07 33cm from 2010
Slalom Fin
Year 2010
Length 33 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 374 gr
Profile 9.55 mm
Materials Molded Glass/Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in August 2011. After a very nice evening of fin testing completely happy with myS07 31cm, so went looking for his slightly larger brother to make the hole with my35cmto fill in.

Allround Slalom
The S07 is a very nice all-round slalom fin. Control, and plenty of elevator. Can be sailed very small.
Certainly upwind very good, even with less wind they quickly rise.

Sold in May 2014 along with a number of other S07s, a few newer Selects had turned on the head.

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