Windsurf Wave Fin Fin's Sideshore  8.50" from 2002
Wave Fin
Year 2002
Length 21.75 cm
Finbox US-Box
Weight 242 gr
Surface 222 cm²
Materials GFK
(machine translated in 2021) I bought this fin toVoodoo 3.7, and possibly also the4,2on myNaishto sail.
And I had to, I only had theMistral 24cmvin and with that the Naish could not be kept on the water in a storm. onOctober 7th, 2003We finally had another storm. I with my3.7and24cmonto the water. The board was hardly to be kept on the water, it was screwed under it and immediately much more control.

Now I use it for myJP Wave 255, especially if I use my3.7sailing overpowered: Storm!

This fin together with myJP WaveatMartijnSold.

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