Windsurf Slalom Fin Sonntag SL-P 9° 42cm from 2011
Slalom Fin
Year 2011
Length 42 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 358 gr
Profile 9.32 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in August 2014. Rob de Jong from Leeuwarden sold me this fin as a 100% scratch free. He certainly wasn't. Even a big scratch. Not neat, I'll definitely never buy anything from this guy again, unreliable.

As always, this Sonntag was measured in the factory and this fin has the following bending curve: BS47FT31% and Rake: 9.0&,here more info about Sonntag bend curve specs.

According to Sonntag
Some friends of mine tested this fin during my recovery from my rib fracture in 2015. Benno found the fin to sail differently from other Sonntag fins he knew, Sonntag asked for feedback, his response:
"I checked the data of the SL-P 420. This one was made for an ex-PWA rider with a special carbon layup. Also the rake is 1&d; less than standard. This fin requires a special riding style by just keeping the board flying on the fin."

In the morning the mail came, in the afternoon already sailed.
Gives just a little more lift than the 40cm, which makes it more suitable for a little less wind than the 40cm.

This fin works very well under theiSonic 117with theWarp 8.0if the wind blows through.

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