Windsurf Slalom Fin Deboichet SL5 34cm from 2009
Slalom Fin
Year 2009
Length 34 cm
Finbox Tuttlebox
Weight 300 gr
Profile 9.08 mm
Materials Molded Carbon
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hand in Germany in May 2011 together with a C3Venom 34cmand a DeboichetSL4 34cm
I was looking for a good control fin for slalom races when the wind is really strong. So when I could buy these 3 control fins they bought them directly. See which one's best.

Downwind Extreme
If you have to sail a downwind slalom through extreme chop and you are looking for more peace in your board. This is your fin. You can't walk at height, but you can't walk a spinout, all the control and speed.

I have C3 Venoms that give a similar sailing feeling, but better height. Had a little too many fins, so sold these.

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