Windsurf Race Fin White Water Space Race 65cm from 2005/2009
Race Fin
Year 2005/2009
Length 65 cm
Finbox Deep Tuttlebox
Weight 842 gr
Surface 552 cm²
Profile 12.44 mm
Materials G10
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought this White Water Space Race vin in early 2009 fromJurjenthefin was 70cm at the time. The fin is super limp and has very little surface area.

To a70cmvin I had for myGT85nothing at all, but shortened it should be possible, so I shortened it to 65cm. This makes the area approximately equal to myR13 60cm, ideal size.

I have sailed the fin once now, it seems to need more wind than theR13. That's probably because of the very soft tip.
With the mast foot a bit in the front it didn't really go super, easy spinout, with more wind and the mast foot at the back it went a lot better, maybe the rake has to be bigger. Control is lovely, what a rest.

I had too many fins, so this one could go, and it sold pretty quickly.

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