Windsurf Thruster Fin Makani Walu 2x8cm from 2016
Thruster Fin
Year 2016
Length 8 cm
Finbox Mini Tuttle
Weight 2x66
Surface 2x43 cm²
Profile 6.22 mm
Materials G10
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in January 2017 together with a set of 10cm

The 8cm makes a board much more like a single fin fern. At 10cm, it's more of a thruster.
In some circumstances it is nicer if the board runs a bit looser over chop, then the 8cm thrusters are well compromised between real single fin and thruster.
My standard configuration is 10cm, in fine waves definitely better. But if they are not nice conditions I use these 8cm fins.

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