Windsurf Wave Fin TFC Wave 19cm from 2004
Wave Fin
Year 2004
Length 19 cm
Finbox Powerbox
Weight 288 gr
Surface 194 cm²
Profile 10.1 mm
Materials G10
(machine translated in 2021) origin
2nd hand bought to be the smallest fin under myJP Wave 255to use.

New vinbox
I bought this TFC 19cm as a US-Box, but after replacing myJP Waveby myAHD WaveIt wouldn't do me any good. I've made it a Powerbox fin for the days when it's really hard to get it under myAHD Waveto be able to use it.
I made the Base from clear Epoxy, so you can see the Carbon fibers that I use for reinforcement are well in the fin.

1x sailed, for at sea just too small, but in violent storm a good fin.
Used 2x as center vin for my FSW 84, with thrusters next to it. For that, the fin has too much flex

for sale
For cleaning fin bag for sale

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