Windsurf Race Sail Simmer Cyber Race 7.4 from 1998
Race Sail
Year 1998
Battens 6
Cambers 5
Boom 220 cm
Luff 520 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
This beautifulorangeSimmer Cyber race I got from a boy from our surf club: Wouter. He would go abroad for an internship and therefore sold all his racing gear.

The Cyber race is a really special sail, just the sight: Can that mast really bend that far?
No, there is an extra Carbon top of one meter on top of the regular mast. This makes the mast extra vulnerable in the top. This summit is very different from that of the Z-1 etc. With the Z-1 and Supersonic and all that, the top is loose, the shear tip gives extra loose leech. The top of Cyber Race is full of tension and prevents loose leech.
advantage: a lot of power in low winds.
disadvantage: little control in more wind, more downhaul do not change this.
The Cyber race was the first sailing in the world-cup with a special top. The first race was won thickly with sails more than half a m² smaller

The biggest disadvantage is the rigging: a disaster. To get this sail really well rigged and trimmed, you'll call busy. Then your surf buddies have been on the water a long time. But if you are there once, and the wind is not too strong, it sails like an 8m². Put on the wind and I'll go to my smaller one very quickly.Simmer Race 6.25. No sail for beginners!

The fabric of these sails is very light and very thin, my Cyber has already been patched up in several places on the masturbator. And also the cambers are of a fairly weak quality.

myDuell 8.1has been substituted for the Cyber 7.4. The Duell plans about the same speed, but offers a much wider deployment range.


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