Windsurf Freerace Sail Arrows Duell 8.1 from 2000
Freerace Sail
Year 2000
Battens 6
Cambers 2
Boom 222 cm
Luff 505 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
When ICyber RaceOnce wild rigging turned out that Slats and Cambers were broken. I hadn't seen it when I bought it, but now he couldn't be rigged. When I was buddling, I passed a german who had this Duell for sale, complete withmastand Boom. The demand price was very good and the sail was in a very good condition.

This sail is very light, 2 cambers, but still a narrow masturbator so you can still start water very easily. Sail is still very stable, despite only 2 cambers. Even in a lot of wind it is easy to control and in low wind it plans very quickly due to its low weight.

Sold in August 2004. I had my newT-Force 8.2and put the Duell back up for sale immediately with the mast and boom I had bought from theT-Force. By Wednesday night, he was gone, and I'd gotten even more than I did before theT-Forcehave given.

I bought it with aNorth Xcellerator 60. That's an IMCS 28 mast. I quickly found out that there should actually be an IMCS 30 in it. Well, then go check for another mast. It became aArrows Lance 55. What a difference. The sail looks much better. That difference in IMCS is very noticeable. The sail just reacts better.

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