Freerace Sail
Year 2005
Battens 7
Cambers 3
Boom 237 cm
Luff 545 cm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought from in March 2016. Because of my back injury I had to slow down a bit, so I was already sailing with my father's Daytonas. had just received this Daytona 9.0 2005, sail was like new! So I bought it, fits perfectly with the Daytona 7.8.

The Daytona 9.0 is a truly perfect all-rounder, I don't understand why North has ever chosen to adjust the range in S-Type and RAM. The Daytona is perfect, the RAM and S-Type were both just not if you ask me. The new S-Type SL is exactly what the Daytona was again.

My feeling is that the Daytona 9.0 is planned earlier than the S-Type 9.5. Profile seems deeper and because there is no cut-out in this sail you just have a relatively lot of power. And he seems to be pumping a little better, too. I have to say that I really haven't sailed both sails 10 times and therefore don't have 100% certainty about this.

Since this sail was so good and the stories about the Warp 9.0 LW were so good I bought it, hopefully I win a little more low-end with that and then also a better high end control.

Sail has 545cm of mast trunk, but according to North it can be on a 490 mast or 460+ Xtender. I think I'll go for the 490+ XTender anyway. But I'm also going to try the Race 520.

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