Windsurf Race Sail Gaastra Flow F1 5.8 from 1997
Race Sail
Year 1997
Battens 8
Cambers 5
Boom 177 cm
Luff 464 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought this for a small price 2nd hand from a Belgian whowindsurfing.nlknown as Braby. I wanted a smaller Race sail for myThommen.

The sail with 8 slats and 5 Cambers will also be really fast. A very nice well distributed loose leech. Sail is very fast, the difference between the racing sails of the late 90s and now it is mainly in the wind range, not in the speed. Even on mySkateI can keep track of almost everyone, and theSkateisn't even a fast board.
The sail is very stable and that makes hard sailing so comfortable.


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