Windsurf Slalom Board F2 Thommen 275 from 1997
Slalom Board
Year 1997
Volume 100 L
Range 5,1 - 7,2
Width 53 cm
Length 275 cm
Weight 6,2 kg
Finbox Powerbox
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In Augstus 2003 2nd hands bought with original Thommen boardbag and a fin.
I saw him onwww.surfspullen.nlfor sale for far too little and thought: "I think that would be nice to try." I've also been sailed by my friends lately. mySkateIt's slow.
The nose had been damaged and not properly repaired, but it was waterproof. I started practicing with epoxy resin and stuff, was very easy afterwards, quite easy. Board now looks neat again. Nose's gotten a little shorter.

First thing I sailed on this board, a personal best: 59.0 km/h
The next day on even flatter water it was already 60.5 km/h. (this could have been faster, but the wind slowly subsided. So SUPER FAST. It's very strange, you have to go pretty wide to get into plane. Because it is so narrow, the back sinks at a slow pace. But if you plan, you're going to be very me.

After that mySputnik 230I sold these. theSputnik 230has too much overlap with this Thommen 275, and sails much controlled, although it may be a little slower.

With a6.8with a strong constant wind it goes very nicely, but in gusty wind, or wind in which you can only just plan it is nothing at all. I don't think you should sail on it bigger than 7.0 either, unless you're very light.

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