Windsurf Slalom Sail Arrows GrandSlam 7.1 from 1992?
Slalom Sail
Year 1992?
Battens 5
Cambers 3
Boom 205 cm
Luff 505 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
My father bought this sail in 1993.

Well certainly not, arrows' monofilm was of very poor quality at first, after 4 years it was already very bad. On the left side of the remover we had to have a piece of purple monofilm replaced. The purple monofilm is even worse than the ordinary.

Since ICyber RaceI never used it again, my father used it until 2001, but then the holes really fell in, He now has an over-year-oldGaastra Charger 7.0purchased.

For me, replaced by myCyber 7.4it plans much faster. And my father replaced him with hisCharger 7.0because this 7.1 was really falling apart, and his new7.0is really much lighter.


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