Windsurf Freeride Sail North Natural 7.5 from 2004
Freeride Sail
Year 2004
Battens 6
Boom 218 cm
Luff 495 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
January 2005 overyear on the Boat bought.

The sail is really noticeably larger than my 6.6. I got one once. after my 5.9 got too small. And I noticed how much bigger this sail is.
The sail sails very easily. Planned early and gybed delicious.
The speed is clearly a lot less than that of a Racing sail with cambers.

Because I didn't like the sail as a Freemove on my Skate and if Freerace on my Super Fast sold too slowly anyway.
As a replacement, I have aR-Type 7.5purchased.

The sail needs 490 mast, but must be on a 460 mast.

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