Windsurf Freeride Sail North R-Type 7.5 from 2003
Freeride Sail
Year 2003
Battens 6
Cambers 2
Boom 220 cm
Luff 490 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought in February 2006 2nd hand fromWindsurf Centre Roermond.
I had myNatural 7.5just sold and wanted to buy a new one from 2005 when I could buy it for a nice price.
This sail is easy to rig, mast is about the cambers and then the cambers click on it.

Wonderfully light and easy to handle sail, feels stable yet loose in your hands. Early planning by cambers without the disadvantages of a thoroughbred racing sail. Runs well height and has a large trim range, even against overpowered very stable.

I found this one a little slow. Could for little aGaastra GTX 7.5buy. This allowed me toNorth 460mast because it is on myArrows 490jug. After having both had 7.5s in the cart for a while and I was satisfied with theGTXput it up for sale and sold within 1 week. (Too little to ask?)


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