Windsurf Race Sail Mistral Race 4.8 from 1989?
Race Sail
Year 1989?
Battens 5
Cambers 3
Boom 165 cm
Luff 460 cm
Materials Mylar/PVC
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2nd hands sometime around 1994 for only 75 guilders. I was looking for a smaller sail than my5,8and didn't actually have any money for it. I could get these for almost nothing. So I bought it.

Full name is World Cup Camber Line Race

This sail is still from the time when there were no monofilm sails. It's one of the first sails with Cambers, a lot of people think Monofilm was there before cambers, but it's not. Monofilm came one or two years later. The sail is heavy, sturdy mylar and a wide mast proboscis.

The sail was quite busy point stable and therefore very easy to sail, but it is really starting to get worse in recent years, the mylar stretches out and therefore the shape of the sail is not as beautiful as it has been. I'll take him to the water, but hardly ever use it again. I prefer to continue with myNeil Pryde 5.5and then immediately switch to myGaastra 4.4. This step is very big but can just, if I have bought a 5.2 then it goes into the garage to lend to a beginner.

When IArt Slide 5.4I gave this sail to my girlfriend. But now, in principle, it is only really being replaced by a4.7


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