Windsurf Freeride/Raceboard Sail North R-Type 9.5 from 2005
Freeride/Raceboard Sail
Year 2005
Battens 7
Cambers 2
Boom 244 cm
Luff 540 cm
Materials Monofilm, Triax, Duratech
(machine translated in 2021) origin
In April 2009 I bought this sail 2ndhands via the internet from a surfer from Friesland. With the help ofCobusI received the sail in May. I had aSeverne C2, but preferred a North sail. But I couldn't find it at first, theC2well.

This sail feels very light in your hands, especially if the downhaul is well attracted far (beyond the max on the sail.) Then it looks more like an 8.0. The sail, compared to a Formula sail, has relatively little Loose Leech. Especially if you don't trim the sail over Max. When I sail with Formula surfers it is similar to an 11.0. I miss something about speed, but the handling is miles better than any Formula sail. The sail also does very well on the wind. He is also good to trim with the outhaul.

I bought a new R-Type 9.5, a year older, but as new, I can go years ahead again. Someone was looking for a 9.5 for a raceboard, offered it and sold it.

In the beginning I sailed the sail with aViper75 490and aNorth 510cmMast, tried a 520, too, but it was too stiff. Best worked for me:Platinum 490with 50cm Xtender. Light, soft and very easy to trim. Can be used in both light and harsh weather

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