Windsurf Slalom Sail North Warp F2009 8.0 from 2009
Slalom Sail
Year 2009
Battens 8
Cambers 4
Boom 226 cm
Luff 508 cm
Materials Monofilm, XPly, Triax
(machine translated in 2021) origin
Bought 2ndhands via the internet in Germany in August 2011. Price was quite favorable and I wanted to see how a larger size than the7.0I became more and more friends with my7.0, so an 8.0 might also be possible.

The goal is to use the 8.0 mainly on myiSonic 111or on a 121/122 if I have my111would replace it.

Fast yet light
This sail is very fast and is also good with little wind, if you don't feel pressure in the sail, the sail still plans on. And when you get a hard flurry, you really fly away. Gyben is going well, but it is and remains a racing sail, so your technique must be good, but then you can plan very easily because the sail creates ok at little pressure speed and so you easily plan through at the end of a gybe.

Due to purchase warp7.8and8.6I sold this 8.0.

The 8.0 can be sailed with 460 and 490, opinions are divided on what works best now. I've always used the sail with a 490, didn't take the time to test it with a 460, and I how not to have to extend a mast so extreme.

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