(machine translated in 2021) Nice day on the babbling bench with Martijn, Levon came by the time we wanted to go home. There was a lot of wind, not cold and no rain. Unfortunately, it's always so flat on the bank.


Present: Levon, Martijn (Volvosurfer)

12:00 5 hour Wind: W 22/26 kts
Board: Mistral Naish Hawaii 8'5" - Pro-Am SideShore 24cm
Sail: North Dr.X 4.7 - Fiberspar Reflex Wave 400cm - HPL Aluminum Wave 137-193
  (machine translated in 2023) Finally enough wind to rage with the Naish. Took me a while to get the Trim of my Dr.X right, so different from all my other sails. Best is Max downhaul and 4cm outhaul. But then also really nice sailing. And fat high jumping, although there were almost no waves.