(machine translated in 2023) I was hoping for a day at the Sea, but once on the Brouwersdam the wind was very disappointing. I was with levon and had left my Bee 124 with accompanying sails at home, unfortunately because 6.6 was just too small, sometimes in the gusts it went, but certainly not convincingly.


Present: Levon

13:00 3.5 hour Wind: S
Board: Fanatic Skate - MFC Freestyle 32cm
Sail: North Natural 6.6 - North Viper Race 460cm - Arrows Weapon Xtreme 175-225
  (machine translated in 2023) A lot of bobbing and sometimes just planing, the 6.6 was well below minimum trimmed. If only I had brought my 8.2.. What a setback today.