(machine translated in 2023) Had an empty schedule on Sunday and it seemed to be a bit windy, so I borrowed the 8.6 from Pa and drove to the Zeeland, not really much wind, but still able to plan. Only with 10 degrees it was already nice and fresh.


Present: Martijn (Volvosurfer)

14:30 1 hour Wind: S/SW 8/14 kts
Board: Fanatic Bee 124 Ltd - Select Eagle L 43cm
Sail: Arrows Duell 8.6 - Arrows Ultimate Race 490cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) Because I myself am without 8 meters, the Duell 8.6 from dad is borrowed for a while. Wind was not great, but just before a heavy shower we could plan. Even so much wind that I was really at max with the 8.6. I had never sailed bigger than an 8.2 on my Bee. The 8.6 doesn't even feel like max on the bee, I think a 9.0 should still be possible. Not that I want to sail with a 9.0, but the board can have it.