Windsurf Freerace Board Fanatic Bee 124 Ltd from 2001
Freerace Board
Year 2001
Volume 124 L
Range 5,5 - 8,5
Width 63 cm
Length 284 cm
Weight 7,5 kg
Finbox Powerbox
Materials Glass/Carbon Sandwich
Bought new in September 2000, but is actually the 2001 model of the Bee. The Limited edition is the first series of 200 that is 1 kilo lighter than the regular production version. I have number 098

The board came out on top in the test of the German surf in 2000. I like it a lot, only water starting is a bit more tricky with cambers (my 8,2 and 6,8) because you can not just put the boom on the back of the board. The back is too short for that.

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The board is very fast, it is not a full-on slalom board, but compared to many modern freeride boards it wins easily.
During "The-Mission" I managed to keep Hypersonics behind me with this board, because this board gybes tighter around a mark.

After purchasing my HTS Super Fast M I sold it in August 2005.

I only sailed this board in low wind so I mainly use large sails. A 6.2m² can be used. I sailed my old Simmer 6.25 quite a lot on it. The control is then, especially in chop, not really good, harder to keep the board under control, and a 6.2m² is more fun on a smaller board. For fun surfing or a short downwind slalom I use the 6,6 sometimes on it too.

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I have given the original 42cm to my dad, the first time I sailed it, I immediately sailed it against the rocks and is therefore it was fairly damaged. Then immediately a new Pro-Limit 43cm bought, sails pretty well. But after many stories about the difference between the B-brands and the real brand fins, let's have a Select 43cm purchased. This one is much better.

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