(machine translated in 2023) Wind was almost 6 in the morning at sea. So off to Zeeland. Arrive at the beach all surfers just stop with it, many 5 meter souls. Just too late wind away. Let's go with big stuff


14:00 2.5 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: Fanatic Bee 124 Ltd - Select Eagle L 43cm
Sail: Arrows Dragster 8.5 - Arrows Ultimate Race 490cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) Wind was gusty, but with the 8.5 I could always plan with control. I think with the Skate with my 6.6 I could have planned half or so. But was just lazy. Lots of walking trimming. Had trouble walking altitude, maybe the Eagle 43 just can't have that 8.5 between the gusts. In the gusts I could easily walk height.