Bonifacio Windsurf

13:00 1 hour Wind: W 10/35 kts
Board: RRD Freestyle Wave Ltd v3 94 - MFC Freewave 28cm
Sail: RRD Move 4.7
  (machine translated in 2023) Good control. Board and sail didn't feel too big, in the wind holes too small. Big in the gusts, but still to be kept. Trapeze lines too small for the tasty. Didn't have to open the sail often. But the wind was strong. I'm guessing 25 knots max. Nice board, nice control, nice stance, planed early.
Coming back to the side sometimes proved difficult. On the side there was less wind, so height walking difficult and bobbing almost impossible. I swam the last bit, until I could stand again.
14:30 1 hour Wind: W 10/35 kts
Board: RRD Freestyle Wave Wood 106 - MFC Freewave 32cm
Sail: RRD Move 4.7
  (machine translated in 2023) The 106 worked better in the wind holes. I could also walk more easily at height, especially towards the side where the wind was less. Also handy that the board does not sink when the wind is completely gone. In the beginning we stayed closer to the shore because the wind was a little less strong and the water flatter. A little bit of practice and just enjoy. Wind subsided slightly for a moment, so I went further up the water. Wind was now around 20 knots I'm guessing. Wonderfully relaxed sailing. Expected the board might feel too big. But that wasn't too bad. The water was very flat, only on the sandbank there were some waves. No spinouts, board ran loose on the fin.