El Medano - Playa Sur

14:15 2.25 hour Wind: W/SW 8/22 kts
Board: Goya Bolt 115 - MFC KPR 38cm
Sail: Severne NCX 7.0 - North Platinum 160-220
  (machine translated in 2023) Wind was gusty, but board behaved exemplary. Even in the hardest gusts never control problems, nose is very low above the water. It chimes wonderfully, only if your board runs flat while flipping the sail to keep speed, and it's choppy it's going to bounce, otherwise, very quietly. Because of its width, it is fairly easy to plan, just turn the bend wide enough. Made a couple of ducks. Jump. Speed feels pretty good though I'm really short in terms of sailing. The NCX is not slow, I was the fastest on the water (except for the Warps). But if I had a sail with cambers hard I could certainly have made more speed. The NCX is nice and light in the hands, you really notice that with pumps, jibs, water starts etc. The North Platinum is fine boom, nice thin grip and wonderfully stiff, personally I like a v-grip better, but this was certainly a good alternative. The fin under the Bolt I was less impressed with, a real MFC slalom fin: with the little pressure still spinouts, not really much lift compared to soft tip carbon fins. But well predictable, nothing unexpected or high-speed spinouts. Would have preferred a select.