10:30 1 hour Wind: NE 25/35 kts
Board: RRD Firestorm Wood v2 101 - RRD RC2 38cm
Sail: Point-7 AC-F 5.4
  (machine translated in 2023) Same set as yesterday, no one had used it after me, so everything was still good, so get on and enjoy. With the off-shore wind it was a lot flatter. I did go quite a bit on the water, not along the edge of the shallow dangers. With some chop of 10 to 20cm it is just a bit more fun and better as a training. Made a lot of laydowns. A little height walk after the jib, then half wind sailing and just before the jib ample wind to accelerate even further. Full pressure on the rail during the jib, delicious. Nice set, as if I still had the feeling of a heavy mast. And a little more downhaul would have given a little more speed.