Nice afternoon, strong wind
After 2 weeks calm and for February very warm weather, change in weather: Wind.
I could have an afternoon off from work. There were a few people sailing on Kabbelaarsbank
Choice sail was tricky, wind seemed harder than predicted. I would have expected 5.9 or 6.6. 4.7 seemed too small, so 5.3. For esier planing: the FSW 102 instead of the FSW 84.

JP FSW 102 with Ice 5.3 and MFC FreeWave 29cm
Get up and planning. Bit from the shore even more wind. Back to shore to trim the sail further, 2 legs, even more trim. Sail often felt too big, but not overpowered, not pushing against the front hand. Board stayed in controle on the water, not tailwalking. Jibes was often good, though the hard gusts and chop sometimes made it difficult. But the large board makes planing easier. The 5.3 is actually too big, back to shore for the FSW 84, try that first, if that does not help enough I can always rig the 4.7.

JP FSW 84 with Ice 5.3 and MFC Onshore 24cm
Doubted which vin to take: FreeWave 25, On-Shore 24 or the Wave Warrior 24cm. For something with a bit more surface: on-shore 24cm. Directly planning. Jumps finer, jibes slightly trickier, should be more cautious. Practiced to keep weight low at the jibes, so bent the knees, that helps for sure. Board went quick, very quick, without any control problems. Tried to improve the trim, base slightly forward: board stuck, less fast and more bouncing in the chop. Boom up: Slightly better, but set felt less balanced. Everything back again: perfect. But sail still too big, so back to shore for the 4.7, or the 4.2? I think that should also be possible.

JP FSW 84 with Ice 4.7 and MFC Onshore 24cm
Stept up, board sinking, What, wind gone? Nope, just a wind hole. Soon again wind, and it became clear: the 4.7 on the large side. Jump went with more control. Could stear in the air, that was not possible with the 5.3. Board runs freely with the 24cm single fin wonderfully loose and fast, perfect for Kabberlaasbank

That was great, much more wind than expected. I'd should have started with the 4.7, although sometimes the 4.2 would not have been a bad choose either.


14:30 0.5 hour Wind: SW 22/30 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC Freewave 29cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First time with the AL360 Wave boom, ieasy to keep hold of. Sail actually too big, even with more then max. trim, it was on the edge. Board did not feel too big, fin gave good control, even in the hardest gusts. Planing was a breeze. Jibes went well, even planing jibes.
15:00 0.75 hour Wind: SW 22/32 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - MFC On-Shore 24cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Trim was perfect from the start. Tried to improve it, but it was just perfect as I started. Speed was brilliant, no spin-outs. Jumping, jibes, long straight lines. Sail still too big, but set worked as extremely well which made it possible to hold on to the sail. I expected that the MFC On-Shore would be too stiff for the chop, but didn't bother at all.
15:45 0.75 hour Wind: SW 20/32 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - MFC On-Shore 24cm
Sail: North Ice 4.7 - North Gold(b) 400cm - Severne Enigma 150-200
  With max. trim the 4.7 it was a lot better, in the hard gusts still too big, but definitely better than the 5.3 with over max. trim. The 24cm On-Shore wasn't too big. With a smaller sail I could do a bit of waverijden, control was even better, just less straining.