Competition Training
Northern wind predicted, 14 to 18 knots.
Good wind for a day of slalom training.

iSonic 117 with Warp 8.0 and SL-X 36cm
Used the 8.0 on the 117 all day. Most of the time great, only when the wind was not coming through, the fin did not give enough lift, speed was not so good and more problems with chop, which was worse in the first 2 legs.
Upwind back to the start boat, was good, expect when I got more upwind where the wind was less, then getting upwind was also less good.

Start practicing
We started with 5 back-to-back start practices: start, 2 marks and then back to the start: 5 minutes timing, so quick succession.
First start I missed, had just finished rigging. Watch synced on the start signal and went on to the water.
Always good to practice starts, with the large group and gusty wind always chosen for the start at the boat.
1x right on the mark, 1x over early, few times too late.

Practice Races
Then we started practicing races, starting, 4 marks!
Altogether we did 10 practice races.
When I started at the boat early it went very well, but I had to slow down before the line, which cost speed.
If I wanted to pash the line at full speed, I had to start later, but that ment I would be in the dirty wind and my start was worse.
1x collision with Coen I was most upwind, straight line to first mark, Coen was going upwind and sailed into me, and was therefore not sailing shortest route to first mark, but still thought he did nothing wrong.
Fortunately we have the images!

Weather was not very warm, but certainly a lot warmer than during the Dutch Championship last week. We did a lot of starts.
Having a large group at the start is trickier, especially with a short run up to the line. You had to either go to the line early and then not at full speed, or you sat in the dirty wind and was way too late.
Too bad we haven't trained in a smaller group, with this wind direction: North the wind comes the wind over Port-Zealande and all hobby surfers on the water, the wind is already gusty,
By starting with a large group, it only gets worse.


12:15 4.5 hour Wind: N 12/18 kts
Board: Starboard iSonic 117 - Sonntag SL-X 43cm
Sail: North Warp F2010 8.0 - North Platinum(11) 460 - HPL Carbon Race 200-285
  Set worked very well, only if the wind was just not hard enough, or the leg was too upwind, the board didn't run loose enough. For the rest, really nice.