Afternoon turning winds
Went to goo training with the other slalom competition guys at Oostvoornse Meer.
I doubted if N/NO was a good wind direction for Oostvoorne, seemed pretty offshore, but they were convinced that it is usually good with this direction.

I was the first to arrive, no no one on the water, barely any wind.
So rigged my largest set:iSonic 127 with Warp 9.0 and Z-Fins 46cm
First time i used a Power XT 2.0: impressed. Did not expect that the sail could be rigged with only 1 pulley on the extender that easily, clearly easier than the Power XTR + (2 pulleys and long arm) The 9.0 is really very easy to give enough downhaul. Maybe the smoother original rope of North also helps. I will test the original line with a Power XTR+.

In the beginning could not get planning that much, only in the gusts, in the gusts it was sometimes pretty good. Because of the turning wind it seemed that you had to sail upwind all the time. Especially with the off-shore wind it was often took some time to get back back to shore.
After first session tuned the battens a bit, could easily give them more tension. I had given too much tension, the cambers were no longer rotating.
Lower the batten tension in the bottom batten, 2 taps more downhaul: Test again. Rotation got better, sail felt a little lighter, but wind was also less.

Fin mostly let the board run free very well. Could often get upwind very wel. But the other men were clearly faster. Their boards run even more free, must train more frequently with them.

Looking back: not the best choice, think Kabbelaarsbank is better with this direction.
Wind was bizarre, windmills on both sides of the lake were angled more then 120 degrees compared to each other. So also on the water the wind turned and every gusty, not really nice, and then even off-shore.

Oostvoornse Meer

16:30 3.25 hour Wind: N/NE
Board: Starboard iSonic 127 - Z-Fins SL S-- 46cm
Sail: North Warp F2015 LW 9.0 - North Platinum(14) 490 - Severne Enigma 210-260
  9.0 felt heavy, a lot of pressure, but not very fast. Wind was only good in the gusts, but often not enough to plane, not best weather to be able to find good trim. Trimmed a lot in the sail: even tried different batten tension, could easily have more tension, but then the sail did not rotate any more. Some more downhaul, that seemed to help. Next time try even more downhaul. Should test a bit more with batten and camber presure. Z-Fins S-- work really good, gives a lot of lift and runs very losse.