Lovely afternoon Kabbelaarsbank
Their would be wind untill 14:00 or 15:00. SW 18 to 20 knots.

Nice day to test the S-Type SL 7.3.
iSonic 117 with S-Type SL 7.3 and Z-Fins 42cm
While rigging noticed the deep profile of the S-Type SL, even in the 7.3.
Was stepping up and planing, sail did not feel like it pulled very hard, but did plane easily.
Bit trimming, harness lines, boom slightly higher, mast foot tap to back. Set was quick and easy.
Board runs with the Z-Fins 42cm very good. Upwind not great, not bad either, but the Z-Fins is especially very good downwind.
Planing gybes went well, in the harder gusts only.

Great sailing. Wind pretty good, sailed until the wind was gone. Nice with the sun.
Very happy with the S-Type SL 7.3, I have long doubted whether I would sail the Daytona or spend money for a newer sail.
The S-Type clearly has a better low-wind through the deeper profile.


13:15 2 hour Wind: SW 14/19 kts
Board: Starboard iSonic 117 - Z-Fins SL S- 42cm
Sail: North S-Type SL 7.3 - North Platinum(b) 460cm - HPL Carbon Race 200-285
  Sailed the S-Type SL 7.3 for the first time. Sail at minimum trim. Large trim range. The Z-Fins 42cm looks to be spot on. Only in the lightest wind trickier getting upwind, but never too big. S-Type SL is really nice. Much less hard and direct than a Warp. But due to the deep profile and because the sail also works without extreme downhaul, it still planes very early. Also pumps delicious such a light sail. Little searching for trim, was actually almost directly perfect.