Finally the wind turned to SW
Today the wind would turn to SW and increase considerably. In the morning the wind was still south and not strong.
No one yet on the water. So for the certainty I rigged the iSonic 101 with E-Type 6.6 and SL-X 36cm.
Near the shore behind the damm no wind, but a little further out I could get planing. It was low tide, little wind so flat water. Lovely to get the trim of the E-Type perfectly. That was actually quite easy. Trim is almost equal to the Crossride. Sail works wonderfully, lightly in the hands and easy handling. Wind slowly increased, and with it the waves. Sometimes quite tricky to sail out with the 36cm, which is really big so you can change direction less quickly and thus less easily to sail around the most steep waves.

iSonic 101 with E-Type 6.6 and Busca 34cm
In the beginning the wind was almost completely gone, after a bit of floating I could just get planing. Once further out more wind and even higher waves.
Sometimes quite challenging steep waves, especially with the set. With good looking forward and waves estimating it was do able, often a lot of downwind sailing around the most steep waves.
Getting back in was usually very easy, sailing between the waves, full speed, delicious. The E-Type works well in these conditions, first time really good use of the E-type, fine sail. The Busca also works with the E-Type very very well.
Wind increased more and more so the 6.6 was really too big. Tried a few more legs while most others were already with 4.7 or 5.3 on the water, just do able, but in the waves challenging: time for something smaller

FreeWave 102 with Duke 5.9 and FreeWave 29cm
In the beginning the wind was gone again and I was just about the only one who could plane. But the wind slowly came back and I quickly was using a too big a sail.
Many surfers went to rig a smaller sail, but after 5 days of surfing and already having sailed for a few hours with the 6.6 I had no more energy for that so did not rig a smaller sail.

Unfortunately this day only came at the end of the week, but that didn't make it any less fun.
SW, Sun and nice wind, delicious.
It was nice to sail a full week. Stamina can be better, I have to work on that.


Present: Alex, Jeroen

10:45 0.75 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Sonntag SL-X 36cm
Sail: North E-Type 6.6 - North Platinum(11) 460 - AL360 E3 Carbon 180-230
  First time really good sailing with the E-Type 6.6, trim was found quickly. In the beginning minimal, but when the wind picked up the 36cm was too big, got upwind all the time. At first it was low tide and water very flat, with rising tide the winds started to come in and it also became harder with the 36cm. Set works really well, fun, fast.
12:00 1.25 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Busca Slalom 34cm
Sail: North E-Type 6.6 - North Platinum(11) 460 - AL360 E3 Carbon 180-230
  With a lot of wind the Busca 34cm works better than the SL-X 36cm, more control, easier steering in the waves. Was a lot of dodging waves going out because otherwise it was just flying. Wind occasionally increased to almost too much wind for this set. But not overpowered.
13:45 1.25 hour Wind: SW
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC Freewave 29cm
Sail: North Duke 5.9 - North Platinum 430 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First time really sailed the Duke 5.9 2008. Sail feels very much like the 2007. Wind slowly increased. When I stopped, the set was really too big, but I was too tired to rig a smaller sail. Jumping was sometimes tricky because the golf was perpendicular to the direction of the board and the FSW then passes over the golf valley so that you do not hit the wave well to jump.